Slusher, M. P; Anderson, C. A. (1989).

Belief perseverance and self-defeating behavior.

In R. Curtis, (Ed.) Self-defeating behaviors: Experimental research, clinical impressions, and practical implications. (pp. 11-40). New York: Plenum Press.


In this chapter, we explore ways in which beliefs persist in light of new information and in spite of the discrediting of old information We see how people often are insensitive to information in the environment, yet ironically, they perceive evidence to support their beliefs when none actually exists. We examine how beliefs can take on a life of their own, no longer in need of the evidence that gave them birth. Throughout the chapter we relate these processes to such problems as depression and loneliness, problems in which the persistence of maladaptive beliefs plays an integral role. We also comment on how an understanding of these issues suggests ways in which incorrect beliefs and self-defeating behaviors may be overcome.

1989 by Craig A. Anderson.