Anderson, C. A., Miller, R. S., Riger, A. L., Dill, J., & Sedikides, C.. (1994).

Behavioral and characterological attributional styles as predictors of depression and loneliness: Review, refinement, and test.

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 66, 549-558.


The literature on self-blame and depression reveals two interrelated problems. first, although R. Janoff-Bulman's (1979) conceptualizations of self-blame are clear, empirical operationalization is difficult and has resulted in approaches that do not capture the richness of the constructs. Second, past research has produced inconsistent findings. A comprehensive literature review revealed that the inconsistencies are related to the method of assessing attributions. A correctional study designed to more accurately represent the self-blame conceptualization revealed that both behavioral and characterological self-blame contribute uniquely to depression and loneliness. Supplementary results regarding circumstantial attributions and regarding attributional styles for success were presented. Empirical issues regarding possible methodological refinements and effect size, as well as the value of categorical approaches to the study of attributional style were discussed.

©1994 by the American Psychological Association.

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