Our research focuses on issues surrounding human memory.  Two major lines of research are being pursued.  (1) Applying cognition to education, and  (2) applying cognition to law and behavior.

One line of research focuses on how taking memory test affects subsequent memory performance.  Research from the testing effect and verbal learning traditions indicate that testing, aside from being an evaluation tool, can dramatically enhance subsequent memory performance.  Currently, our research focuses on how testing affects memory for nontested information and how different testing schedules affect long-term retention.

Another line of research focuses on how misleading information affects eyewitness memory accuracy.  Previous research suggests that eyewitness memory accuracy declines with exposure to misleading information.  Our current research focuses on how recall affects an eyewitness’ susceptibility to subsequent misinformation.

The Memory, Law, & Education Lab is located in Room 0011 and Room 0017 of the Office and Laboratory Building.  The Office & Lab Building is located between the Physics Hall and Gillman Hall (Chemistry).  The most convenient way to get to our lab is by entering through the Osborn Drive and Morrill Drive entrance (a blue door), turn right, and then heading downstairs.  You may also enter via the Physics Hall or Gilman Hall.