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Dr. Douglas Associate Professor of Psychology
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Contact information Gentile

 W202 Lagomarcino Hall

 Iowa State University

 Ames, IA 50011-3180

 Email: dgentile (at) iastate dot edu

 Phone: 515.294.1742

 Fax: 515.294.6424

 Public web site

Download  Dr. Gentile’s CV About The Media Research Lab

The Media Research Lab conducts scientific studies from a psychological approach.  We conduct randomized controlled experiments, real-world surveys, and longitudinal studies to see how changes occur across time.  Many of our studies are cross-cultural.

We are always looking for detail-oriented undergraduates to help us conduct our studies.

Examples of current and past studies

What classes does Dr. Gentile teach?

 Introductory Psychology (Psych 101)

 Media Psychology (Online only; Psych 386)

 Focus Group Methodology (Psych 594i)

Where to get more information:

If you are interested in more details, in copies of scientific papers, etc, please visit Dr. Gentile’s public page at:

How can you get involved?

Our lab is interested in recruiting talented, motivated, and detail-oriented undergraduates to help with our research.  This can be done for credit as Psych 291, 490, or 491, or other arrangements can be made.  Email me at dgentile (at) iastate dot edu if you are interested.

Undergraduates Prospective Graduate Students

It is likely that I will recruit one PhD student for the 2015-2016 year.  In particular, I am most interested in finding a student who would be excited to work on some of the new mindfulness research with Dr. Dawn Sweet and myself.  Feel free to contact me to discuss your interests and learn more about our work.

I believe deeply that the best research is collaborative (and interdisciplinary).  I am always eager to collaborate with students and researchers at other universities and in other countries.  

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