Douglas A. Gentile, Ph.D.

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W202 Lagomarcino Hall

Dept of Psychology

Ames, IA 50011-3180

515-294-1472 (o)

515-294-5143 (lab)

515-294-6424 (fax)



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Media Research Lab

Dr. Gentile runs the Media Research Lab at Iowa State University where he studies media’s effects on children and adults.  Recent research examines:


*      The effects of video games on physiology and behavior

*      How playing video games is related to improved laparoscopic surgical skills

*      The effects of violent TV, movies, and video games on children’s peer relations, aggressive and prosocial behavior

*      The effects of educational TV and videos on children’s prosocial behavior

*      Pathological Computer/Video Game Use (e.g., video game “addiction”)

*      How psychologists are portrayed on TV and how that may affect willingness to seek help

*      The effects of screen time on youth obesity

*      The effects of beer advertisements on youth drinking


Students interested in participating in ongoing research are encouraged to email


Dr. Gentile is teaching Psychology 101 this semester.  He also leads a media effects seminar for students participating in the Media Research Lab.