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Wells with Anderson Cooper on eyewitness reliability

National Science Foundation video on eyewitness identification Wells 2015


APA and NSF bring forensic science to policymakers


NT Times story June 2, 2015


TIME magazine story on the National Academy of Sciences report on eyewitness identification



Ruling from Oregon Supreme Court, November 2012 that throws out the Manson-type approach to eyewitness identification evidence ...

Article in Discover Magazine on Eyewitness Identification, November 2012

Article in American Prospect Magazine on eyewitness identification December 2012

American Bar Association Journal article on eyewitness identification May 2012

New York Times August 28 article on lineups

Listen to NPR story on eyewitness identification

Eyewitness IDs can be made better; Miller McCune news article

Mandatory minimums for lineups...

Florida Innocence Commission Probes Mistaken Identifications



Wells on 60 Minutes

Click here to read an article on eyewitness identification from the New Yorker magazine January 8, 2001

Click here to view video from CBS News on Eyewitness Identification Procedures 

Click here to read an article on eyewitness expert testimony from the August 10, 2001 Wall Street Journal 

After reading the Wall Street Journal article, click here to read my comments.

An article from the Chronicle of Higher Education on eyewitness reseaerch.

New Jersey Adopts Sequential and Blind Testing With Lineups! Read this article from July 21 NEW YORK TIMES

Read New Jersey Guidelines and cover letter from Attorney General Farmer here

Here is an editorial on the New Jersey Guidelines

Click here to view a video that discusses problems with eyewitness identification. It takes a few minutes to load, but it is worth it

Does the sequential lineup reduce accurate identifications in addition to reducing mistaken identifications? Yes, but...(click here)

UK police hold dog lineup!

An analysis of the 100+ DNA exoneration cases click here

Click here to see the Illinois Governor's Commission Recommendations for lineups (they begin with recommendation 10). These are worth reading.

Eyewitness Expert testimony rulings in selected states, click here

NEW Texas judge sees merit in proposed lineup reforms; click here

Click here to read a 30 May, 2002 article from the Christian Science Monitor on lineups.

NEW: Atlantic Monthly article by Margaret Talbot calls for sequential lineups and blind testing. Click here


Frequently asked questions about eyewitness identification




NEW!  "My search as a cop for justice in a flawed criminal justice system" by Sunil Dutta

Story out of Dallas: Witness describes how prosecutor told him which guy to identify. [I have been writing about these problems for over 30 years. These real case discoveries are becoming more commonplace but the reforms that I have been proposing are still being resisted in many jurisdictions across the U.S....]


Boston DA Conley credits double-blind lineup reforms in part for higher conviction rate.

"New approach has convinced jurors that police are more careful about whom they arrest" he said.

Associated Press article Sept, 25, 2009 on New Jersey lineups case


USA Today article on lineups Sept. 19, 2009

Who killed the eyewitness bill in Texas?

Newsweek article on eyewitness identification (March 2009)

Reason article on eyewitness identification April 8, 2009

Georgia law enforcement agrees to eyewitness identification changes...

See Atlanta Constitution article

"During Williams’s trial, the victim was asked, on a scale of one to a hundred, how sure she was that Williams assaulted her." “One hundred and twenty,” she testified. Williams served 21 years in prison before DNA tests cleared him.

Dallas Police Department revamps show-up policy

Justice Project survey shows that only a small percentage of Texas police departments have written eyewitness identification policies and those that do are generally inadequate...

Three Dallas Morning News articles on eyewitness identification- October 12 article,    Oct. 13 article,    Oct. 16 article

May 2008 article in Nature on eyewitness identification research.

JEHT Foundation funds eyewitness identification field experiments

208th DNA exoneration is mistaken ID in Florida

Georgia House approves eyewitness legislation in 2008 Atlanta Progressive News  See also earlier articles:  Atlanta Constitution Atlanta Progressive News

North Carolina adopts lineup reforms

 Justice Project review of eyewitness identification policy

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story on composites from March 25, 2007

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette eyewitness story March 12, 2007

New Jersey Supreme Court ruling requires eyewitness ID behavior to be recorded. See Star Ledger article August 1, 2006

Associated Press story on mistaken identification from July 31, 2006

Wrong man executed because of mistaken ID?
Also, see video here

Governing Magazine article on eyewitness reform May 2006

Eyewitness recommendations of the California Commission for the Fair Administration of Justice

True Witness

Download Wisconsin's new Model Policy for Eyewitness Identification

Was an innocent man executed in Texas based on eyewitness identification? You decide.

U.S. Court of Appeals 7th Circuit upholds Wells' testimony in civil suit  regarding Chicago lineup 

Wisconsin court rules on show-ups

A July 2005 ruling by the Wisconsin Supreme Court on show-ups. Click here for the written opinion

Miami Herald article from August 2005 on lineup reforms

Virginia to revamp lineup procedures, story from the Washington Post

Listen to Feb 2005 NPR story on lineups 

Read Chicago Tribune story on lineups from February 17, 2005.

Read story from February 7, 2005 Chicago Tribune on lineups

Jury finds FBI framed man in part via eyewitness evidence; January 2005 article 

January 5, 2005 article on eyewitness identification from Legal Affairs 

Dec. 8, 2004 Christian Science Monitor article on lineups

Police charge man based on witness identification from photo lineup. But he was dead a year before crime occurred: Associated Press story 

Boston Globe article click here Boston Herald article click here

North Carolina law enforcement moving towards double-blind sequential lineups. Article from Durham, NC News and Observer, June 2004.

Scientific American article on lineups, click here

Click to read (April 2003) eyewitness identification article from The Washington Post

Click to read (April 2003) eyewitness identification article from The Economist

Click to read (April 2003) eyewitness identification article from The St. Petersburg Times

Read Newsday article on lineups from February 12, 2003, click here