You identified an innocent person. Actually, the bomber on the roof is not in the lineup. Call it a "trick" if you want, but it remains the case that many jurisdictions across the country that do not warn witnesses that the perpetrator might not be in the lineup and thereby implicitly pressure the witness to make an identification.

There is nothing particularly unusual or uncommon about showing a lineup that does not include the actual perpetrator to an eyewitness . All it means is that the police had a suspect (e.g., they think that John Doe did it), but he was not the perpetrator. In fact, every DNA exoneration case involving mistaken identification is exactly like that  ...  the actual perpetrator was not in the lineup that the witness viewed.

My point in this demonstration is to show what happens when witnesses are not explicitly warned that the perpetrator might not be present and are not given an explicit opportunity to make no identification.

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