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At the Larson Lab, we investigate how self determination theory applies to vocational psychology. We have examined how students’ need for autonomy, competence, and relatedness predict their career well-being. We also are interested in how environmental supports and barriers help or hinder students’ needs being met. We also have projects going concerning faculty well-being and the environmental supports that assist faculty’s autonomy, competence, and relatedness being met. Other ongoing projects include our commitment to students’ comfort both in and outside the classroom. We have examined racial and ethnic minority students discomfort due to inappropriate comments made to them by faculty and other students. We have also examined comments made by female students as well. Other projects that are currently ongoing include: (a) how distress, public stigma, and private stigma affect vocational and personal help-seeking; (b) how death anxiety may affect choice of educational major; (c) how punishment and reward seeking may influence career choice; and (d) how the need for relatedness may relate to educational major satisfaction.


 The Larson Lab currently includes one lab coordinator, three other graduate students,  and one undergraduate research assistant.
 Below are pictures of some former graduate students who served as lab coordinators.

Dr. Verena Bonitz is currently on faculty at Lake Forest College. She was the lab coordinator in the fall of 2009 through the summer of 2011.


Dr. Tsui-Feng Wu received her Ph.D. in social psychology and currently lives in Indianapolis. is a graduate student from Taiwan. She has worked with Dr. Larson as lab coordinator from 2006 through 2009.


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