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Psych 508. Research Methods in Applied Psychology. Methods and issues in applied psychological research. Role of theory in research, fidelity of measurement, selection of subjects, sampling, ethical issues, experimenter bias, data collection methods, power analysis, meta-analysis, and professional standards for writing research articles. Emphasis on research methodological issues, not statistical issues.  Syllabus - Psych 508


Psych 592A. Seminar in Psychology - Supervision. The objectives include students becoming knowledgeable about the supervisory relationship, supervision models, evaluation, different teaching formats and interventions, current research, legal and ethical issues, ethnic and social class issues, gay and lesbian issues, and women's issues. Finally, students will become experts on several supervisory assessment instruments.  Syllabus - Psych 592A

Psych 623. Vocational Behavior. Theoretical views, research, and issues in career development through the life span. Methods of career counseling, including appraisal interviewing, assessment, test interpretation, and use of information sources.  Syllabus - Psych 623


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