Department of Psychology

Research Interests

Lab for Latino/a & Cultural Psychology

Research in the Lab involves cultural diversity (broadly defined) with an emphasis on the physical/mental health and higher education experiences of Latino/a college students.

Student research projects:

Engel, K. (2015). The moderating role of acculturation and ethnic identity on the relation between students' belongingness and estimated future suicidal ideation.

Burke, K. (2015). Psychology majors' self-efficacy for statistics and their intent to apply to graduate psychology programs.

Rivas, J. (2015). Intellectual safety as a moderator of the relation between sense of belongingness on campus and academic persistence in Latino/a college students.

Buduris, A. (2015). The moderating effect of relationship contingent self esteem on the relation between attachment style and threat of relationship dissolution.

Kaiser, D. (2015). The moderating effect of perceived therapist-client social class similarity on therapist social class bias and estimated ability to form rapport in psychotherapy.

Florer, K. (2015). Self-efficacy for therapy tasks as a mediator of mental health stigma and clients’ intent to “no-show” for a mental health counseling appointment.

Additional research projects in the lab:

Prieto, L. R. (in preparation). Biopsychosocial issues in pregnancy loss.

Hendrickson, J., Mance, J., Engel, K., & Prieto, L. R. (in preparation) Miscarriage, stillbirth, and medically necessary abortion: Womens' grief and coping processes.

Mance, J., Hendrickson, J., Engel, K., & Prieto, L. R. (in preparation). The impact of womens' reproductive loss on significant others: Spousal and partnership considerations

Prieto, L. & Engel, K. (in preparation). Attitudes and experiences of higher education faculty concerning student-perpetrated violence against the professoriate.

Prieto, L. (2016). Psychology doctoral trainees’ attitudes toward male rape victims.

Prieto, L. (2016). Initial validation of the 'Concerns About Teaching Culturally Different Students' Inventory.