Department of Psychology

Research Interests

The SoTLP Lab

Research in the Lab for SoTL in Psychology involves issues of psychology pedagogy (broadly defined), especially at their interface with issues of cultural diversity and enhancing the cultural competency of psychology instructors and students alike. Research in the lab tends to be driven by social cognitive theory bases.

Recent SoTL-related projects coming out of the lab:

Prieto, L. (in press). Psychology instructor concerns about teaching culturally diverse students.

Prieto, L., & Florer, K. J. (under revision). College professors' concerns about teaching culturally diverse students.

Prieto, L. (under revision). Psychology doctoral trainees’ attitudes toward male rape victims.

Recent SoTL-related posters & presentations:

Rivas, J., & Prieto, L. (2016, September). Belongingness, Intellectual Safety, and Academic Persistence Among Latino/a College Students. Poster presented at the Bi-Annual Convention of the National Latina/o Psychological Association, Orlando, Florida.

Prieto, L. R. (2015, August). Initial validation of the 'Concerns About Teaching Culturally Diverse Students Inventory’. Poster presented at the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, Toronto, Canada.

Prieto, L. (2015, May). SoTL in psychology: What can we learn from the history of research on psychotherapy? Paper delivered at the Teaching Institute of the American Psychological Society. New York, NY.

Prieto, L. R., Buduris, A. & Rivas, J. (2015, April). Undocumented Latino/a 'Dreamers' in the US and higher education. Presentation delivered at the Annual Iowa State University Conference on Race and Ethnicity. Ames, IA.

Kaiser, D.J., Stogdill, C., Prieto, L.R., (2014, March). The influence of socio-economic status on the educational experiences of racially diverse persons. Symposium presented at the 2014 Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity, Ames, IA.

Ongoing SoTL-related projects in the lab:

Buduris, A., Burke, K., Engel, K., Florer, K., Kaiser, D., Rivas, J., & Prieto, L. (in development). Attitudes and experiences of higher education faculty concerning student-perpetrated violence against the professoriate.

Siegel, Z., & Prieto, L., Kaiser, D., & Engel, K. (in development). One fish, two fish... is that a red or blue fish?: Instructional tips for assisting color-blind students.

Current doctoral advisee thesis & dissertation projects:

Florer, K. (2016; Dissertation in data collection phase). Intent to engage in therapeutic lifestyle changes: Impact of an intervention, self-efficacy, and locus of control.

Kaiser, D. (2016; Thesis defended). The moderating effect of perceived therapist-client social class similarity on therapist social class bias and estimated ability to form rapport in psychotherapy.

Rivas, J. (2016 Thesis defended). Intellectual safety as a moderator of the relation between Latino/a college students' sense of belongingness on campus and academic persistence.

Buduris, A. (2017; Thesis defended). The moderating effect of relationship contingent self esteem on the relation between attachment style and serial commucation patterns in relationship conflict.

Burke, K. (2017; Thesis in data collection phase). Self-efficacy for research as a moderator of research training environment and perceived willingness to engage in research among undergraduate psychology students.


Loreto R. Prieto, PhD