Department of Psychology


Undergraduate Courses

PSYCH 347 (U.S. Latino/a Psychology): Through reading, discussion, writing assignments, and presentations students will gain an increased awareness of how Latinx peoples in the US have been viewed historically within the discipline of psychology.


PSYCH 349x (Psychology of Sexual Orientation): In this course, students will acquire a research-based understanding of the psychological identity development of human sexual orientations, including bisexual, gay, heterosexual and lesbian identity development.


PSYCH 460 (Abnormal Psychology): This survey course is designed to provide descriptive, conceptual and research information pertinent to the more clinically common forms of abnormal behavior.


Graduate Courses

PSYCH 561 (Adult Psychopathology)
: This course is designed to provide graduate students with skills in basic diagnostic interviewing; (differential) diagnostics; DSM-V (2013) vocabulary concerning mental disorders; and acquiring epidemiological, etiological, course, and prognostic information pertinent to clinically common forms of psychopathology.


PSYCH 633 (Teaching of Psychology): In this course, psychology doctoral students will learn the basic concepts and skills associated with professional teaching in higher education, within the discipline of psychology.


Loreto R. Prieto, PhD