We are currently pursuing a number of projects related to improving the amount of information people can learn and retain over time. For example, when students must learn information for an exam, what is the best way to study that information to insure that they remember it when they need to?

How many times should something be studied before it is sufficiently learned?

After learning something new, how long does that information stay in memory, and what sorts of things influence how long it stays in memory?

What is the best way to learn vocabulary in a foreign language?

If these sorts of questions interest you and you would like to get involved in this research, please send me an e-mail describing your professional interests and why you think the lab would be a good match for you. Also indicate your year at ISU and what you plan to do after graduating.

I also welcome inquiries from students interested in pursuing graduate-level training. See ISU's psychology department website for more on the process of applying to the Ph.D. program in cognitive psychology.